Lite Scheduler (English)

Excel-based scheduling tool

Lite Scheduler was designed and built to help small- to medium sized contact centers produce better schedules, more efficiently.
Since it’s Excel-based it is very simple and fast to implement.
Produce professional schedules within a day!

Suited for

  • Contact center departments up to 100 agents
  • Multi-skill environments, up to 5 skills
  • Producing weekly schedules

How does it work?

  1. Complete 8-step setup
  2. Enter agent availabilities and skills
  3. Provide a daily volume and AHT forecast per channel
  4. Add interval distribution per channel
  5. Provide a shrinkage forecast
  6. Give every agent a base schedule for each day of the week
  7. Adjust base schedules to optimize staffing levels throughout the day
  8. Done!


  • Publish individual schedules by pushing a button
  • Publish all schedules by pushing a button
  • Reporting on planned hours, for the team or individual employees
  • Simulating and reporting expected performance